Greggofish Guide Service, LLC

2015 Professional Seminar Series
Striped Bass fishing in the Upper Roanoke River during the Spring spawning migration

March 5, 2015
6:30PM - 8:30PM

This in depth seminar will be hosted by Captain Greg Griffin, Owner of  Greggofish Guide Service, LLC .  Capt. Greg guides on inland and coastal waters of NC.  One of the most accomplished professionals working today, with many years of guiding hundreds of anglers on the Roanoke River, those in attendance will learn something new and informative regardless of their experience.  Some of the subjects covered will include:

  • An explanation on the spawning migration
  • A discussion on the Roanoke River (potential hazards, features to look for, etc.)
  • Angling techniques including drifting, anchoring, live bait, lure selection
  • How to adapt to the daily changes on this fishery to make every day count
  • Advanced slip float technique (a Greggofish specialty)
  • Unique tips and tricks to catch more fish day in and day out
  • Question and answer periods and much more

‚ÄčThe best parking is behind the building.  Come in through the rear main door and the registration desk attendant will point you to the Carolina Room.  Easy to find.  They have a snack bar with lots of stuff and coffee, etc.....  Sign up below is optional but appreciated.  You do not have to sign up in advance.  Since it is open registration, I will not know beforehand if there are 2 people or 30 people.  I will do the seminar regardless of the number of attendees.  I have received a lot of interest so hopefully there will be a good showing.  Bring anything you like to take notes.  There will not be any handouts, just speaking.  Let me know if you have any questions.
Seminar address:     Holly Springs Cultural Center   ~  300 West Ballentine Street, Holly Springs, NC 27540  ~
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Pay at the door